this blog was started
december 2009 
after  my family moved 
from my beloved home town of
 san diego
all the way across 
this great nation to 
washington dc.

it was supposed to depict our life
as a military family
with three teenage girls in a new town,
setting up camp,
creating a home,
and keeping it all together
with style and poise.

you will find anything from
mothering moments,
to home interior bits,
to the latest family field trip,
to what we have for dinner.

the only way to safely
describe this blog,
simply brookes.

comments are not only appreciated
but perhaps celebrated
and even filed
for a possible sneak peek later.

feel free to leave one.
i will always try to write back.

thank you for reading this
little old blog.

without you,
this would be called my journal.