August 31, 2011

michael kors i love you...

oh michael,
how i love thee.
love your new line.

if only i had 
some 'event' to actually where
this clothing.

a girl can dream, right?

August 30, 2011

headbands and feathers and jewels, oh my!

what do you get
when you add 
the weekend before school starts,
a wide open saturday,
and one trip to hobby lobby.

new hair accessories,
of course.

check out what 
two of the three 
came up with.

 which is your fave?

anything fun your kids come up with
waiting for school to start up again?

August 25, 2011

10th, 8th and 8th:

 not fair.

why do they have to 
grow up on me like this.

can't wait to hear
all about their day.

will be waiting 
to hear the days highlights.

are you a crier on days like this?
or a celebrater?

maybe i am a little of both.

August 19, 2011

what pumps you up?

every get inspired 

 by a photo?

a quote?
this is me getting


as i set out to 
charlotte, nc
the two wee ones
to play in their first preseason
u14 soccer tourney.

hope 'kick boot' solo

 brandi making the black sports bra
the new thing

August 18, 2011

8 weeks in fayetteville

we've been here in 
just shy of 8 week.  

now i understand it's no
washington dc
my beloved san diego.

but here is my 
top 5 
reasons why
my little fayettie is carving out
 quite the place in my heart.

1.  when i take my daily morning
jaunt around the hood
at o'dark thirty in the morn.
each and every single driver who passes me
also gives me a morning wave.
can you say southern hospitality?
love a morning waver...

2.  the brand spanking new library
just down the street.
oh how i love thee

and your brand new smell

3.  the lovely
produce stand 
on the way to the library.

who doesn't love locally grown produce?

not to mention
paying it forward 
to a local homegrown business.

3.  my little fayettie is
teaching the heathen west coast family
some old fashioned manners.
my girls are quickly learning that 
a good old fashioned
"yes, ma'am" 
"yes, sir"
is a good thing around here.
even momma is learning.

4.  we live in the absolute best
neighborhood of all time.
plenty of:
cul de sacs
unfenced back yards
with just enough humidity to make
it some good 
sweaty fun.

gates four
kids unite!

5.  my front porch 

back deck


perfect to
reflect on how lucky i am
to have been given this opportunity.
after completing this little list,
i realize the things that fill me
are the simplest things
in life:
a welcoming, warm environmnet,
a good book,
fresh food,
the sounds of my kids enjoying the moment
and a spot to enjoy it all.

God is good.

August 17, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: hello stripes

thought i forgot about 
wardrobe wednesday,
did you?

i didn't

denim: gap
striped shirt: F21
my new fave 24 inch silver chain with triple ring pendant: targ


wwww is back.

hope you all have a great wednesday.

off to go ice skating with the girls
for a last ditch effort of fun
before school starts.

how do you spend your last days 
before sending your beloved  kiddo 
off to another school year?

August 16, 2011

the help: dare i say, loved the movie as much as the book...

any book lovers out there?

well i'm sure you've heard of 

  very popular among book clubs

in fact,

loved her book.  

loved the story.

all wrapped up in one little story

as you also know,
the movie is now out.

let me tell you...


can you say 
academy awards?

here's a little tidbit:

and as i was walking out of the theater
listening to the banter from surrounding movie goers,
i overheard that 
one of the lead characters,
hilly holbrook,
aka: two slice hilly,
played by 
Bryce Dallas Howard,
is none other than
the famous Ron Howard's 
very own flesh and blood.


she's Opie's daughter!

i know.

can't stop talking about this flick.

would love your thoughts on
the book
the movie.

thanks for indulging me.

August 15, 2011

15, 13 and 13

are we the luckiest ever?

a sweet special someone 
delivered the most generous, wonderful
little surprise in the mail

that would be a $$ filled envelope marked for 

holy clothes-a-thon, batman!
is this for real?

after picking up our jaws off the ground
and one phone call graciously showering thanks
profusely we planned out our big day.

we knew we had to head to the big city.  

are you ready for us?

...away we went.

it was a day filled with dressing rooms,
deciding and purchasing.  
it was a total group effort

and a perfect mix of 
forever 21 
abercrombie and fitch
to name just a few.

oh what a day.

here is the final product:

you be the judge...

jack britt hs
john griffin ms

team brookes is in town




i guess i should thank my lucky stars
my kids still humour me
and let me take photos of them
prancing around the backyard
with their new digs on.

i'm sure someday,
they'll be embarrassed by their dear old mom.

but for now,
grateful for the girls i have.

so what'd you think?