February 22, 2011

Outside Inside: Urns

One thing I love to do in my home
is bring the outside in.

I've actually got plenty of
"outdoor" piece indoors.

See here:

This coffee table that sits smack dab
in the middle of my living room
is actually an outdoor patio piece
from the Target collection:
circa 2006

It was just the table I was looking for.
Who cares that it was in the
"garden" section, right?

So I've been mulling over what to do with
the dining room table.

I grabbed a couple of cement urns I had right on my porch.

From this post

Threw a couple ferns in them.

Outside in.

I think I'm liking the look.

Would love your thoughts.
What do you think?
Anything I need to add?
zhush up?

Let's hear it:


  1. I think it looks great. It is alwyas good to think outside the box. I used outside lanterns above my kitchen island inside! Love it!

  2. I love this! A little unexpected, a little Pottery Barn, a little modern, a lotta bit SPRING!

  3. You know urns are my favorite go-to container. From shells to Christmas trees ever since my trip to Italy 20 years ago I have had an urn fetish. Love the ferns. Green goes with everything.

  4. I think it's nice to use outdoors pieces indoors, they are so casual and give personality to a home.

  5. Wow this looks gorgeous! You definitely have a talent - so glad I found your blog today!


  6. this is seriously SOOOOOOOOO cute! i LOVE that table in there.... you could really snazz it up with some cool lighting... love love love it!

  7. I love the way you used outdoor pieces in your home. With your high windows and wood floors I think the pieces work really well. Indoor/outdoor rugs are also versatile for using inside during the winter. I've seen a woven ottoman/coffee table that I'd use indoors as well-actually, if you didn't already have a coffee table, that would be fabulous in your home.