November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Table Setting 2010

As if you haven't seen enough
Thanksgiving table settings
posted on this blog so far.

I got one more for ya...

Here it is.
One for the road.

Thanksgiving 2010
Brookes Townhouse

I had to stick with this season's theme:
Christmas meets Thanksgiving

Yes, that is Santa meets pumpkins with a few star fish thrown in...

You remember those tried and true
monogrammed napkins?
Not sick of them yet, are ya?

Me neither...

That is a crinkled up table cloth I bunched up in the middle.
I used it as a "runner" on top of my tablecloth,
highlighting the stuff in the center.

Tell me how you dressed up your table for the big day?

Shoot, send a pictures.
Would love to celebrate YOUR table setting.

As always,

for visiting.

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