February 26, 2010

Palmer Weiss

It all works.

Would you look at that fridge set up!
Very livable space.

Crisp and clean.


I love the element of kid friendly furniture here.

a cozy corner
(I could totally see myself curled up here with my favorite book)

You know how i just love that Double Design.

I stumbled upon this great interior designer based in San Fransisco.
Her name as well as her business is Palmer Weiss.
Her look is timeless yet modern and definitely livable.

Tell me your thoughts...

Work for you?

February 25, 2010

Mini Money Makers...

The girls have banded together in the name of making their own money!

Work ethic.
Financial stability (ok, that one is a stretch at the ages of 12 and 13)

After brainstorming about how the girls could earn some extra spending money,
we decided to play on their strengths.

Pet Sitting.
House Sitting.

We decided to target just our surrounding townhouse complex.
That way, mom will be near in case anything coo coo arises.

We all pitched in for the words we will use. CHECK.

We picked out some bright colors and fun hanging tags. CHECK.

We tied it all together with twine for easy door knob access. CHECK.

There you have it.
We made 30 fliers,
just enough for our surrounding houses.

We will pass them out this weekend.

How's that for business minded, independent, soon-to-be women?

Love it.

When I was a kid, it was lemonade stands, neighborhood talent shows
and door to door "dancing" with scarves wrapped around the waist on roller skates.
Yes, Kelly Pietila and I actually got money for that.

Regardless, it was in my veins to think about my earning potential
and play into my strengths.

Hopefully my daughters have caught the bug.

How did you make money as a kid?
Love to hear stories...

February 24, 2010

Spring Line...Harvey Faircloth

I stumbled upon this clothing line.
Harvey Faircloth

It's simple, elegant, fun and unique.

Love the look.

This is their spring/summer line.

this is one of my fav's (above)

Throw some chunky heels and you are good to go...

Which is your favorite?

February 23, 2010

Sort It, Hang it, Box it...

Country Living

Below you will find a few photos from my own closet....
Okay, it's true...

I do love being organized.

Whether it's a closet, a drawer, a car or my file box. I love to know where things are and where things go. I think it's a good time management issue too.

It's a blessing and curse, I suppose.

I probably would LOVE to hang out at a National Professional Organizers Convention and pick up a couple tips along the way. Does that make me wierd? I guess I already knew that.

Regardless, here is my latest inspiration.

Organized closets if you don't have the luxury of having professionally installed closets with all the drawers, cubbys and shelves.

Ikea has lots of organizer options: Hanging shelves for pants or sweaters, slim drawers for scarves or gloves, even bins for hats or bathing suits.

They are affordable.

They come in lots of color options and they have various sized hanging organizers to customize exactly what you want to store.

I would love to hear how you tackle the mounting project of closet organization.

February 22, 2010

Pool side Inspiration









Am I just a California Girl to the nth degree?

Am I fighting this cold DC winter?

Or do I just miss the year round pool that was walking distance from our home in Chula Vista?

Regardless, here are some Monday morning inspirations.

For the record, I am thoroughly enjoying the snow covered city I now live in.

Enjoy the view...

February 18, 2010

Wonderful Wall Decals





What a statement.

It is easy.

It is temporary.

It is bold.

Wall Decals.

You can find virtually hundreds of designs in a multitude of colors.

Here are just a few I found.

Thanks, Kris.
I got the idea from looking through your amazing FB photos
of your construction remodel.
Well done.

I, too, have used a wall decal or two but liked these ideas more.
I might have to edit and redo myself.

Would love to hear about any wall decal accomplishments on your end.