November 15, 2010

Christmas Before Thanksgiving?

I know...
it might be a bit early for most folks.
Well, not for me.

Let me explain.
Back in San Diego when Thanksgiving came along,
I always loved having our one skinny tree in the entry to
welcome our Thanksgiving guests into the season.

It has been decorated many ways over the years:
once a peacock tree,
another year a fall harvest tree.
We even had a Red, White & Blue Patriotic tree welcoming
Mr. Man back home from his USS Ronald Reagan deployment.

I still feel the same way about my little "Thanksgiving Tree",
however, this year I ran into a small snag.

In-laws are coming in, you see.
They are coming in for the week of Thanksgiving.
Here lies my dilemma:
Thanksgiving tree must be up...however,
the day-after Thanksgiving is usually the day we "do" Christmas.

Now we can't do that with guests in the house...way too messy.

Guess we'll just have to "do" Christmas a little early this year.

I know.
My friends think I'm nuts.
Thank goodness, my husband is a good sport.

The girls and I love it.

Here is what we did:

Wire urn with Mercury Glass ornaments and Star Fish

Teeny Christmas balls in already established floral
around the house

Here's another one...

Again, simply Silver balls with more star fish.
Vary the size of a single color or two in the same container.

Super big wire reindeer atop my dining room table.

I attached a couple Christmas wreaths over my two
leaning mirrors in the dining room.

The girls stocking hangers.
Look how little they were...sniff sniff

I made these stockings years ago.
It matched the slip covered ottoman, at the time.
We don't have that ottoman any more...
it is time to make some new ones?

So here is a closer look at the family room tree:
Golds, glitter, fleur de lis and sun bursts

Oh, yeah, and sparkly coral sprigs

Can you tell I love me a good sprig?

Okay, that was the gold, family room tree...
now onto the silver and white living room tree.

Who says you can't mix silver and gold?

A friend of mine from San Diego showed me how to
rig a Christmas tree in an urn with quick dry cement.
She's got a great blog!
Check it out...

This tree is perched in front of our bay window
the neighborhood.
I love driving up at dark and seeing the bright lights from below.

I love BIG ornaments that make a statement.

Hello neighbors!

I try to stick with the same color family:
silver, white, Chrystal and of course my sprigs.

I actually clipped them from a shrub back home
and spray painted them silver.
Yes...they made the move!

I always like to wind an overstated ribbon throughout my trees
for just a bit more added eye candy.

So that is what Christmas looks in my townhouse.
Would love to hear about your Christmas style.

As always,

for visiting...


  1. Looks great Wendy! I have always loved silver and gold together on my trees. Funny you should mention the urns. I just posted how to make the tree stands on my blog.

  2. Thanks, ladies. Wish you were here. Just sent out evites to our annual cookie exchange/ornament auction. I'll post pictures.
    Miss you!

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