July 26, 2011

slightly obsessed: pinterest

i've known about this site for a while.

never bothered to actually head over...

but once i did.


slightly obsessed.

you get to "pin" stuff you like:
cool home interiors,

the options are limitless.

this is from my 'fashion' board
do we not love the casual yet chic look?
see what i mean?

here is another pin.
i want to make these and put them in my house

 love bold stripes.

another pin,
from my indoor/outdoor board.

see what i mean?

idea file

pretty much 
anything you find cool or worthy of pinning.

you can pin anything.  
you can make a board for anything. 

it's like your own personal idea file.

i use to keep this humungo binder of all 
these cool ideas or inspirational looks 
i've pulled out of magazines over the years.

magazines, you ask?
you remember those things we used to 
get in the mail.
they had articles, ideas and glossy ads?

i know.  
they are a dying breed.

well, this is my new and improved humungo binder...
only on my computer.
no ripping pages....
just pins and boards.

if you are interested 
here is a taste of what 

and here are my boards.

you can even click the little red link
if your little heart desires.

we can get inspired together!

it's cool...
and addicting.

so i must
 caution you.
you can get lost here and 
wonder where your time has gone?

never say i didn't warn you...

have fun 
and most definitely
let me know your thoughts.
did you like?
or no go?

July 22, 2011

family room reveal: take two

reworked a few things
(I always do)

here is living room:
take two

 added slated wood chair

 added plants
hello, life-to-a-room
stay a while

 reworked the mantel a tad

would love to know your  thoughts.
new and improved?
or better before?

July 21, 2011

hand made birthday card

 am i the luckiest mom in the world?

i have a build in hallmark factory
right in my own home.

i made one simple request:
needed a little birthday card 
for a dear friend.

this is what my sweet, talented 
daughter came up with.

i love it.

and i thank you for 
letting me share...

i would like 6 more of the same,

 do i need to open up 
her own etsy account or what?

can you say car fund?

July 18, 2011

warning...unruly wiring: office reveal

office: take one 

 lots of room for improvements
taking suggestions now.

feel free to offer any.

 first problema:
all you clever wire-hiders
please chime in.
tutorial would help.
fayetteville reading nook, 
now a part of the office.

 this was the reading nook in our dc pad
not part of the office

 okay, back to fayetteville version

 aah.  how to hide the printer?  
more suggestions?

 the view from the desk.
you know i love me some acrylic.

still have some finishing touches to add.  
would love a humungo canvas on the wall.
still trying to piece things together.  
would love advice from all you 
experts out there.

come on.
help a girl out.

let's here your thoughts so far.

July 17, 2011


today is the day

there is excitement in the
brookes abode

only every four years

we made it



final match

well done, ladies.

thank you,

and the rest of the gals.

pressure makes us...
just ask nike.

go get 'em.

no regrets...

July 14, 2011

dining room reveal: first look

dining room
fayetteville style

if you know me,
you know,
i'm all about the neutral palette.

not much has changed

check out the chair rail and moldings.
love the southern style

same double leaning mirrors

the windows are great.
they are almost floor to ceiling.

you can't tell,
but the porch is what you spy as you look out the windows,
that, and the black rockers.
lovely for eying the neighborhood foot traffic.

have i mentioned i love this neighborhood?

this is a traditional floor plan.
love the way each room wraps into another.

this is the view looking into the entryway.

you can see the front door
and a teeny peek into the office.

one more angle

view from entry

here is where i need your help:
wall hanging (see above)
drapery panels (see below)

thinking a horizontal broad stripe panel...

let's hear your thoughts...

July 13, 2011

3 sisters sitting service: round two.

new neighborhood
3 teenage girls in the summer
not a whole lot on the social calendar


3 sisters sitting service...
round two.

see round one here

having already done this once,
we knew what we were doing.

only this time,
we jazzed it up a bit
with hand made pom poms.

here is the CEO of the company
fast at work

thanks, aunt heathie,
for the pom pom maker.
madison is loving its quick results

we also
streamlined our
wording a bit.

straight to the point,

we made 50 of these badboys.

currently passing them out

beware if you are a

dog walker,
pool mom,
the least bit friendly with children in your vicinity...
pretty much anyone in the hood.

the girls already have high hopes on what
to do with their profits.
they have decided that their
current mode of transportation

(yes, the bikes they've had since
they were in 4th grade)

these are the ones

aren't cutting the
teenage vibe...

they've got their sights set on
the new and improved two wheeled version

hello beach cruiser.

perfect pick for
our relatively flat neighborhood.

i like their thinking
and i'm all about independent women.

would love to hear you ideas on putting
kids to work
come too much down time