June 1, 2010

how to make a family strong

One easy solution to uniting your family and making strong connections


Yes, that's right.
How to make a family strong?
eat together, daily
No TV's
No answering phones
No texting
Nothing but each other and the meal in front of you

Whether it is breakfast or dinner or something in between
make it happen.

In our busy lives
with taxi-like habits toting kids from one practice to the next

it is essential to ground them with a meal, any meal
together daily!

One way I open my family up for discussion at the table is asking
"what was the best part of your day"

This simple question usually stirs up more detail than the usual
"how was your day?"

The kids now expect this question..

So much so, they now have been known to withhold information after school
waiting for dinner table talk, so the whole family can discuss the days juice.

You'll notice all my flickr photos are of round tables.
Love the round table
No one is on the "end"
Everyone faces one another
great for table talk

Would love to hear YOUR ideas on how you
stay connected

As always, thanks for visiting...

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