January 22, 2012

clutch love-blog love

totally understandable.

i need another bag 
like i need a hole in the head.

sometimes can't help myself 
mostly i stalk.
like this amazing

 not bad for just $56
real leather
tons of solid colors
want the stripes?  
have to add those bad boys yourselves.

please visit
(i regularly stalk this style icon...
impeccable master at layering)

you'll drool over her outfits,
much like i do.

also love this little

this  is sydney over at 

love her.
she's one of  my bff's
but she just doesn't know it yet.
you know.
one of those girls, 
you know you'll love the second you meet them.

tell me
if you share my sentiment


  1. Fun bags! Would have never thought to embellish one myself.

  2. Love those gorgeous clutches, so stylish and chic.