July 22, 2010

Friendship Bracelets Galore!

Summer Break,
5 reunited buddies from across two different coasts,
and a whole lot of string...

and you've got yourself a friendship bracelet factory!
(if you look closely you can see all their little wrists are adorn...)

The girls looked on the internet for different patterns

Mom even got one...yeah! I'm their friend!

Tess hit the mother load. You go girl.

Madison kept it simple with the twisty one...two shades of pink. Her fav...

This is how they reacted when they knew they were going to start
their summer home craft!

We miss our friends dearly and will relish the time we had together.

Those friendship bracelets remind us just
how lucky we are to have the great friends we do.

We miss you Sunny and Cassadilla...and Freckles, too!

As always, thanks for visiting...
friendship bracelets anyone?


  1. The girls had a great time...now back to reality....and school!!

    Already thinking about the next visit.

  2. How fun that they got to visit! Now we're back to school. Hope they all had a great time!