July 28, 2010

What Fills You Up?

You know the days.

You feel GREAT, full, peaceful and joyous.
You feel good about your life.
You feel good about the things in your life.
You feel good about you.

Today's blog post is about how women get filled up
and left with that feeling of pure contentment.

I did a post a while back on Aunt Gertrude's
inheritance and what you would choose to buy with it...

We all know material items only get us so far in the
"what fills you up" department.
Yes, nice things are nice to have, but do they really
give us peace and ultimate contentment?

One of my loyal followers requested I do a blog post
on how women revive or empower our souls.

This is a tricky one.

This answer will be different for each woman
who reads this.

All I can do is answer this for me.

In my life I have found that these are the things
that work for me when it comes to being filled up:

spending time with God

keeping my inner circle of friends those
who are strong and continually raise my bar

listening to GREAT music

walking in nature

accomplishing tasks through hard work and determination
(this can be anything from refinishing a piece of furniture,
learning a new skill or making a financial goal)

giving my time, talent or resources

We women need to stick together on this.
We are constantly empowering our neighbors and we may not even know it.

Let's share ways in which we can do this for each other.

Feel free to share how you do this for others or for yourself.
As always, thanks for visiting...

Would love to hear how YOU are get revived, refilled, and empowered.

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