August 4, 2010

Sync It

How do you organize your family events?

Call me slow on the uptake but I just discovered
the greatest tool since DVR.


This little guy allows you to coordinate multiple events,
various family members and many team sports.

I'm telling you...this is great.

I have a new position on my daughters travel soccer team
which has opened up great opportunities
for me with regards to
my once meticulous
organizational skills.

I had to pull out the big guns with this bad boy.

If you don't have a solid, working calendar to organize your busy life,
please let me recommend you look into Google Calendar.

I'm even able to sync my calendar to all the parents on the team, as well as
send reminders to the players...not to mention my own children.
And we can't forget syncing to our iphones...

Check it out!

As always, thanks for visiting.
Oh, but before you go, tell me how you keep it all together?


  1. Wendy, I live by my google calendar! And now you have to change your email to a gmail account. I set my google calendar to send me email reminders the day of and one hour before events. It is a lifesaver!

  2. The school I work for uses it, and I love being able synch up and have all my dates in one place. It is so wonderful.