December 8, 2011

wardrobe wednesday on thursday: blazer meets vancouver

remember this post?
my latest inspiration?
this is 
how i've incorporated 
the new look

 blazer: forever, 
skinny  jeans: gap, 
shoes: vancouver, canada,
lips: red, 
belt: targ, 
gold jewelry: forever,  
button down: new york & co

pulled these bad boys off the top shelf in my closet.
have to say, they don't see the light of day too often.
but thought they were an appropriate pairing for todays duds.
(remember  these, heath?)

what do you think?

hope i pulled it off.
do love the versatility of a well fit blazer.

tell me about your latest wardrobe staple.


  1. You look so cute, I love the shoes but doubt I could walk two steps in them! I have some of those hidden somewhere in my closet...maybe I'll get them out and just wear them sitting around the house (LOL)!


  2. love it! Of course you pulled it off:)

  3. Great look! Okay, I am off to Forever!! So need a blazer and a new white blouse. I however couldn't walk in those shoes to save my life. LOL

  4. Hey...not sure what happened...I said I would like a blazer like stylish and cute!

  5. Cute ensemble, you look adorable! You just made me want to pull out a blazer to wear out to dinner tonight.

  6. Beautiful outfit, you look great.

  7. Cute! Love that necklace. I'm thinking you're talking to the other Heath, because I'm not remembering the shoes.