December 14, 2011

happy anniversary: 19

it's been 19 years

19 years

character building

wish i could  lean over and  
squeeze my man
tell him all this
and then give him a big smoosh

not going to happen.

at least not for a few more months.

needless to say, 
i celebrate 
the day i became his wife
the day i said 'i do'  
the best single decision
to shape who i am today

thanks to him being dateless for this event.

 tomcat ball
san diego
june 1992

which is when he asked his sister
to find him a date.

 thank you, li.

you knew my hand
couldn't have been any higher
to volunteer for this gig.

little did i know
that this venture
would turn into this

will you look at the smile on my face?

little did i know...

happy anniversary,
i miss you dearly.

so tell me about
 your kick off?


  1. Oh HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Loved hearing the story and seeing the pics. Hope you have a wonderful day and hope your honey makes it safely back to your arms really soon!!

  2. Congratulations! Madison looks so much like you in these pics. See you soon.

  3. Happy anniversary to you!
    What a romantic story, and what a beautiful couple you are.
    God bless you and your husband, I`m sure he`ll be back soon.

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  5. Mommy...this is another little love note from Daddy...I am just the messenger.
    I still remember our (first) wedding like it was yesterday. Easily the best day ever...Not only for it's simple charm and grace, and the undeniable magic of the moment, but because it represents the culmination of my wisest decison: Choosing you. Happy 19th anniversary, Babe. Love, M

  6. Holy cow, you guys are so cute!! Love your hair super-short.