May 26, 2012

san luis obispo modern

ever want to move to 
a coastal college town
once the kids flew the coup?

well check this out.
you might fall in love.

 1470 sq feet
3 bedrooms
2 baths

 floor to ceiling remodel

hard flooring throughout

 concrete counter tops
high efficiency appliances

 indoor-outdoor living

 low maintenance upkeep

 slated fencing

 i have a one in three chance
that one of my daughters

 will want to become a mustang 
like their dad

do you think the girls would mind 
if her parents moved into the hood?

  not likely.

and it's yours.

 thanks for stopping in.


  1. We will join you!! I would love to go back to my old stomping grounds.... San Luis is good because it is a little warmer than some of the other coastal areas near there.

  2. Oh wow what a beautiful little house! Perfectly updated and it looks so cozy. That firepit area would be a perfect spot to relax and unwind after long days.