May 7, 2012


sweet sixteen

believe you me

your little girls grow up on you

before your very eyes

my beloved little girl
turns 16 today
she is
more than i could 
have hoped for

she is self disciplined 
she loves to watch TLC's: life in the ER
she is a newly certified lifeguard 

she runs a 5:50 mile

she puts up a fight 
(when she believes in a cause to fight for)

she is in the national honors society

she is not afraid to sing in her room 
to the latest jb songs
on repeat ad nauseum

she sneaks spoonfuls of peanut butter 
when she's craving a snack

she can open any jar you put in front of her, 
which is why we call her 'man hands' sometimes

i love who she is every single day
(even when she is feisty)

she's my girl.

she stands tall
and knows who she is

she is my girl

i love you,
madison pie

happy 16th birthday


  1. She is lucky to have such a loving mom!

  2. She is lovely, I can see why you're so proud of her.
    Happy birthday, Madison!
    Warm hugs

  3. She is a very special young woman and a beautiful person to boot! Good job!

  4. Happy Birthday Madison!!! What a beautiful post for a beautiful, smart, amazing young woman.

  5. Happy Birthday to Madison! Such a wonderful young lady!!

  6. happy day to you madison and to your momma. you both are truly the loveliest. ox