May 26, 2010

25 Things To Do This Summer 2010

Things we will try to tackle this summer:

(*note: I'm not used to 3 months off for summer...I just came from year-round school system
where 6 weeks was pretty much all you got. This much time off is a bit new to me)

1. Explore more DC Museums
(indoor ones..hear the humidity is a killer around here)

2. Get the snow cone maker down from the top shelf
and buy some fun flavors to go with it

3. Wii Family Smack Down

4. Use the Ice Cream maker that we've owned for 2 years now
and have yet to use

5. Take a ton of pictures while at
isney World

(Never been before!)

6. Cook dinner on the grill

7. Pump up the bicycle tires and
cycle to the District
on the W&OD trail
with lunch in our backpacks.

8. Try out new recipes with what is fresh, organic and in-season

8. Take advantage of having one-on-one time with Missy
while her sisters are at Girl Scout Camp.

9. Visit the Library regularly

10. Dare I say,
spend a weekend in New York

11. Check out Great Falls Park in the summer

12. Write in my thankful Journal

13. Read more books than my book club requires

14. Watch World Cup Soccer

15. Have a family sleepover
in the basement

16. Hit King's Dominion

17. Take a self defense
course with my daughters

18. Make Root Beer Floats

19. Plan our family vacation
for NEXT summer

20. Bathe the dog
and paint his toes nails summer shades

21. Let Daughter Of The Week
make dinner for the family
(while her sisters take care of clean-up)

22. Get the girls CPR certified

23. Find a new hiking trail and tackle it

24. Celebrate
my two new 7th graders and brand new high schooler!

(Buy new school tee shirts!)

25. Count my blessings!

Would love to hear what is on YOUR summer to do list...
As always thanks for visiting.

(I "borrowed" this blog post idea from the award winning
WHATEVER blog. Please's worth it)

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