May 11, 2010

Lighter and Brighter for Spring

Accessorizing with the Seasons...

Whether you change the color of your bedding,
swap out throw blankets and pillows, or simply change our your flower boxes,
we all seem to want a different "view" depending on the season.

Taking off from this post, on one of my favorite blogs,
peardownliving, I noticed the same need to change things up with the season.

Here is my living room
as we entered the winter season...

With the sun, came out the brighter colors of spring...

Notice the dark throw over the ottoman,
as well as the black & White accent pillows?

Below we have one of my favorite accent colors, lime green,
...hard to miss the presence of spring.

Favorite reading spot...

Tell me what you do to welcome the seasons?

Hanging flower baskets
, as seen in this local San Diego blog?

I'd love to hear about YOUR touches for spring.

As always, thanks for visiting


  1. Wow. What a beautiful room. I love the crisp white and green. Very spring.
    We will bring in spring by adding lots of fresh flowers and spring items to our nature table. We open the windows to bring in spring breezes and I think I am going to make some bright colored pillows for the couch.

  2. G,
    Forgot to mention fresh flowers. You are right on, girl! Even better if you can find those fresh flowers in your own yard, straight from the shrub. Divine!

    What color will your pillows be?

  3. Such a gorgeous space! I love your windows..light and bright!