September 26, 2010

Fall Family Visit...

Dad and Linda finally made their way back to the
East Coast for a much deserved extended stay.

Boy, was it hard to wait the 10 months since we'd seen them last.

As you can see from the smiles, we were all
more than happy they were here.

I know the photo is a bit fuzzy
(again, we are NOT professionals)
but we didn't care.

The weather was sunny and beautiful...almost too beautiful.
I think they brought the San Diego sun...temps got a bit balmy that week.

Tatum and Gramps check out the view off the Master Balcony.

Grandma and Tess talk about all their plans for the next week.

G & G showered the family with love, affection and
goodies all week.

We are still die hard Charger fans...despite the East Coast move.
(thanks for the new visor, guys!)

We spent the week doing all the things we love:

Eating well

pointing out the cool East Coast foliage
(love the GW Parkway)

Driving around town discovering unseen Historical Sights
(White House tour, Mt. Vernon, Pentagon and
of course the National Mall)

Cheering the girls on as they dribble, pass, run and sweat
(Hello soccer practice and cross-country meet)

*not to mention all the Mr. Fix-It items my dad
tackled on my ever growing "to do" list.
Thanks, Dad!

It was so great to have family to hang out with.

There really is nothing like it.
That is what life is made out of, really.

We had a great week and now count down the days until we can do it again.

Thanks for a great time,
Dad and Linda!

We miss you already.

As always, thanks for visiting.

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