September 14, 2010

The Modern Day Charm Bracelet

Are you looking for just the right gift to get that special gal pal in your life?
Your daughter? Your mother?
Let me enlighten you with the latest and greatest jewelry craze.


Founded in Denmark in 1982, this company has hit it's mark. Now a world wide delight,
these "design your own" bracelets are all the rage.

PANDORA bracelets are created with a patented threading system that allows charms to be placed, added and rearranged to your own liking on the actual bracelet. Available beads, or "charms" are available in sterling silver, 14 carat gold and murano glass, sometimes with semi-precious and precious stones.

Other accessories for the bracelets include spacers and clips, which secure the lose beads in place and prevent them from falling off the bracelet when it is opened. One must screw each bead onto a small section at the beginning of the bracelet and across two small sections along the bracelet. This allows for the separation of beads, creation of patterns and prevents the beads from falling off.

Bracelets run from $40 all the way up to $1170 for a solid gold bracelet
Charms, clips and spacers vary from $25 on up.

Although it can be a pricey endeavor it is fun to pick out favorite beads and watch your bracelet grow.

I have been turned on to these glimmering little beauties by some great friends back home. After starting my own bracelet, I am now "linked" to my peeps with the love of our own uniquely individual, and stunning bracelets...all the same, yet different.

In fact, for a recent gift giving occasion, one was sent to me!
Now we all three have the same charm on our bracelets.
Makes me think of them each and every time I see it.

This is what mine looks like.
See that starfish bead?
That is the bead that unites!

Let me know your thoughts.
As always, thanks for visiting...


  1. Fun,fun!! Let's see a pic of your bracelet!!

  2. Working on it. How'd I miss your call?