September 20, 2010

Fall Welcome!

It is the smell that tips me off before the sights...


You know that smell in the morning...that crisp, dewy fall smell.
That is usually the first thing I notice before any leaves turn,
any fall decor in store fronts, or even before Football season begins.

It's official.
It's my favorite season of all time.

I like to get out my favorite fall candle
(Yankee Harvest, in case anyone is interested)

I like to get out my fall recipes:
soups mostly and stuff with squash in it.

But that is really not what this post is about...

Sorry, I digress.

The Brookes fam is expecting another set of visitors today.

We are expecting these guys:


The house is clean.
Candle is burning.
Guestroom is ready.

I did make a few seasonal changes to help with the "welcome".

If you remember this porch post,
you'll appreciate the "new" look.

Had to throw a little fall in the picture...
Tell me what you think.

How do you dress up your house for fall?
As always, thanks for visiting.


  1. Looks great Wendy! E and I are going to get out some fall decor today...

  2. Yeah, let me know what you got. Pictures would be better!

    Dessert was delish last night...coupled with a fall favorite of ours...squash, rosemary bowtie. Yum.