September 14, 2011

birthday traditions:


grateful for 
my faith
my family
my friends
my health
my life

am lucky enough to have
 treated to a 
delightful lunch
shared a prosecco with a lovely twist of lemon
finished off with a maple creme brulee
have i mentioned how lucky i am?

well i am.
birthday tradition 
we celebrate in the brookes abode:
 we gather around the dinner table
one by one we go around that table and
share one thing we love about the birthday honoree.
and no repeats allowed...
can you say filled up?
well, you definitely get that way
after you sit  and listen to your family 
share good thing about you.

tell me about a birthday tradition
you have in your house...

heading off to count my blessings


  1. Happy Birthday!!! We are the same age. What a sweet tradtion. Growing up, it was always the Carvel Ice Cream cake for birthdays (well, at least til we moved to the south, we do have them here now however). Birthdays are one of the few times a year we really try to get the entire family together (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins). And, everyone always gets a sincere card as well as a funny one.

  2. Happy Birthday! What a perfect gift to hear your children tell you what they love about you. You are lucky!

  3. Happy Birthday friend! Wish I was there to celebrate with you. See you next week in San Diego!

  4. best birthday tradition ever. happiness and ox's to you my friend.

  5. Great post, happy belated birthday!

    Dont forget to enter my $100 Nordstrom gift card + Nars Polish giveaway!

  6. I'm such a loser! I disappear for a month and go and miss your birthday. So sorry, friend. Hope it was special. Miss you.

    <3 Heather