September 8, 2011

fitness junkies gather around

i doubt i will be able to blow dry
my hair tomorrow

but i still want to tell you 
about my day today

does this look familiar to anyone out there?

well if you were me 
at about 8 am this morning
you would have answered a stead fast no.

not until now, 
that is.

let me back it 
on up.

my dutiful walking partner 
and good bud, michelle,
has now broken me into 


be afraid...
very afraid.

keep in mind, 
my little muscles haven't seen weights for 
far too long.

have to admit it
was glorious.

trx is the ultimate 
in building muscle,
increasing flexiblity
and strengthening your core.

highly recommend peeps.

this is michelle and me.
yes, she looks like a delicate flower
in this photo.

she is deceiving. 
she is a rock, hard 
fitness guru.

i am lucky to know her.


i see more good things to come.

i promise you this.
there will be more about this
fitness guru...
be on the lookout for 
michelle gets fit!

now tell me about your 
latest fitness delight.


  1. Laughing! Love it!! I'm just anxious to start working out again regularly, starting tomorrow. I'm meeting a friend at the gym after dropping my oldest off at pre-school - I just hope I can walk and talk at the same time - ha!

  2. I so need to get back on a routine!!

  3. Oh, yes, I know exactly how it is.
    I'll start working out again next week, my muscles already started to tremble.
    Have a happy weekend