September 16, 2011

sports hall of famer

today i am packing.
i am packing for a brief trip back home
to my beloved san diego.

quick trip.
just a few days in fact.

to celebrate a great honor in our family.

my dear dad is getting
inducted into the 
sports hall of fame.
i know.

pretty big gig, huh?
that's what i was thinking.

you see. 
my dad was a basketball ref for 
many years of my life.

little did i know,
he was reffing big big games
with peeps like

michael jordan
magic johnson
karl  malone
larry bird
charles barkeley
patrick ewing
scottie pippen

any of those guys ring a bell?

dad was one of the refs chosen to officiate
the practice games
held in san diego for the 
 1992 summer
olympic games.

here he is at one of those

cool, huh?

i'm so proud of my dad.
he's a hard worker.
he flew up and down the coast of california
to be at his games.

what do they call them?
pac 10?
the wac conference?
he did them all.

did i mention how proud i am?

so, dad is flying his daughter down
to be there on his big night.

don't worry.  
more photos to come.

this was the event i was shopping for.

can't wait to tell you all about it.

so if you don't see me for a bit,
i'm off jet setting in my beloved san diego
albeit briefly
celebrating great honors.

more to come.


  1. Have a wonderful time, and safe trip! Congratulations to your dad...quite an honor!!

  2. Have a safe trip hun!! Such a cute blog. And your dad is awesome :)


  3. Thanks for the comment and the follow. It seems we have switched lives; we just moved from NC to CA! I am an Army wife too- its a tough job, but somebody has to make it classy! Look forward to reading more and getting to know you!

  4. What a wondeful honor for your father! How sweet that you will be there to share in his happiness and his achievement! Beautiful. Have fun and enjoy every moment...this is certain to be one of life's sweetest moments!

  5. Glad you had a fun trip back home. :-)