November 3, 2011

getting ready for turkey day

not sure about you 
but team brookes goes thru
a little routine each year as we gear up
 for turkey day.

have i mentioned my fave holiday is turkey day?
well, it is.
probably because it's smack dab in the middle of 
'the season'
and it surrounds good smells, good food and family.
good stuff, i tell ya.

this little old process of gearing up starts early for us.
like just after we put the halloween stuff away. 
i fully realize we 
have a whole three weeks until the big day
but who's counting?
certainly not me.

first thing we do:
we listen to christmas music

probably not what you would expect.
i know.
so for  those of you
who aren't crazy about listening to carols in november,
better not come over here.
just saying.

 believe it or not, 
it was my girls who
cranked up pandora's christmas radio 
without a word from their mother.

have i corrupted them, or what?

yeah pandora!

2. start making soups

we love eating soup for dinner around this time of year.

some of our faves:

(pretty much apple, potate leek soup)

harvest butternut squash soup

split pea with ham

add bread and salad.

we love to ring in thanksgiving with a thanksgiving tree.

now normally i don't put up this bad boy until 
the week of thanksgiving.

but with nothing but time on my hands
and no living relatives in my vicinity to give me a hard time,
i'm wide open.

bring on the tree.

(pics to come,
it's not quite up yet...but it will be)

in the meantime
here are some pics from past thanksgivings

starfish, sparkly coral and golden oak leaves

thanksgiving tree,
aka: homecoming-red-white-and-blue-tree

fleur de lis, peacock balls, gold sprigs

mulling over what will be on the tree this year

tell me how you get ready for thanksgiving.

or not.


  1. I so need to get my act together!! LOL I am loving the idea of a Thanksgiving tree...Shannon posted about hers and I fell in love! This is when I really need to start making lists, so I don't forget anything.

  2. Soup sounds good! Happy decorating with the girls.

  3. I'm already excited about Thanksgiving too and have started a list of things I want to do to get my house more festive for the holiday! I love your Thanksgiving trees. What a wonderful idea! and my husband and I have been enjoying quite a few soups. I just love this season. It's finally cold here in South Texas, so it finally feels like Fall! Have a fabulous weekend.