November 8, 2011

new shoe love: clogs

heidi struts in her's

Julianne Moore rocks her's

jessica prefers red ones

kate like's 'em high.

this is what i just picked up.

in them now.
love them.
i like to call them my outdoor slippers.

tell me about a pair of your comfies.


  1. So want a pair! I used to wear clogs when I was a young girl, my dad would bring them back from his trips. I love being able to just slip then on and off with ease.

  2. I love my clogs! They keep my toes warm in the winter. I don't even care that I'm 6"2" in them.

  3. ahhhhhh eighth grade all over again..... :)

  4. They are the BEST! I've been having a foot pain for about a year. The doc said Dansko's would help. They do make my feet feel great. If I don't wear a pair to work I can't wait to get home and put them on. Just bought pair #3 and #4. The Walking Co. just had some on sale w/ free shipping. Also look for Sanita's (the original clog) they have really cute patterns.

  5. I have a pair of brown Sanita's that I actually don't like. I think I should give Dansko's a try (maybe in Red as that is a festive color).

  6. I love clogs! I think I am on my second pair in thirty years. Dansko of course, but have you seen the new canvas designs for summer at Zappos?