November 9, 2011

grag a comin'

this lady will be 
boarding a plane in minutes.
the girls and i are giddy with anticipation.

not sure who this little lady is?

this is how 

 will be her first time 
to our new north carolina digs

 can't wait to show her 
a proper southern welcome.

this is what we have planned:

1.  explore the culinary delights 
that only fayetteville has to offer

2.  fully utilize our 
and those awesome black rockers

3.  take a field trip to raleigh
for a pre-christmas shopping

4. get in our jams at 7:30
only to climb in bed and do hair train 
with the girls.

5.  laugh...
(we do a lot of that 
when grag is around)

6.  play scrabble

7.  enjoy a glass of merlot 
while we make her famous mashed potatoes
that only she has perfected.
8.  count our blessings that we have each other
and live close enough for regular visits.

will let you know exactly 
what we end up doing.

photos and deets comin'

tell  me how you enjoy 
your most special loved ones 
when you get them all to yourself.


  1. Sounds like fun. She will enjoy all the fall colors here thats for sure. Are you taking her to the Crabtree mail or Cameron Village for shopping? Both are great places. If at Crabtree hit up Cheesecake Factory and it Cameron Village the Flying Biscuit is my favorite. Have a great visit.