March 1, 2010

What is your luxury item?

Let's play a game...

Suppose you just got a lump sum inheritance of $5000 from your old Aunt Gertrude.

The only criteria in which she has requested you spend the money
is that you MUST spend all the money on YOURSELF!

That's right...
no paying bills (imagine there are none),
no putting it in savings, (imagine it is where you want it to be),
no spending in on family or friends (imagine they got the same lump sum).

What luxury item(s) would you buy for yourself

I can be hard...but I know you can do it.

Here are some ideas I came up with:

Room re-do?

Timeless Diamond Studs?

Wedding ring upgrade?

Designer footwear?

Iconic Handbag?

Yes, feel free to leave your comments.
Add something of your own if I have overlooked it.

Go on...what is the one item or items you've always dreamed of owning
but would never buy yourself?

I can't wait to hear...


  1. I would either buy that diamond wedding ring I have always wanted or I would build a yoga/exercise studio in the backyard.

  2. Heath,
    If I ever win the Lottery I'm buying you (and Ton) those rings!
    Thanks for the comment. Starting my tally's now.

  3. Hmmm, I would buy a really big, fast, cool lens for my camera to take even better,bigger pictures of my kids playing sports!

  4. A camera would be a great addition! Sounds nice. Thank for sharing.

  5. Oh fun. Can I play? I think I would love to go on a clothes shopping spree. And I could shop sales so I could get a whole closet full. I think having that many new clothes at once would be really fun.
    Or I would buy a really great camera.
    Or a macbook.
    I wish I had an aunt Getrtude.

  6. I would go on a vacation to Hawaii! or re do my master bath!

  7. julie. great idea. aloha...i know you'll make that wish come true some day soon.