April 15, 2010

Welcome, welcome...

Does your front door make you and the people standing there feel welcomed?
Does your front entrance stand tall with curb appeal?

I don't mean fancy, just welcoming...

As we pay close attention to our interiors let us not forget the first thing people
see when visiting you, driving by or happening upon your humble abode.

Spring certainly helps with the curb appeal on the East Coast.
Blooming foliage brings life to almost any porch.

I am lucky, as flower power and mother nature have jump started my
first impression front entrance.

This is what you see walking into the front of our townhouse.

Are you feeling welcomed?

Tulips stand watch on the brick landing
(my wedding flower, still adore them to this day)

Planter boxes with Italian Cyprus inside the portico
(Boxes painted black to unite all my outdoor planters.
Did you see the urned tulips? Those were painted black, too!)

View looking into the portico
Flag stone porch.

The most beautiful Hydrangea bush coming to life directly out our front door.
(I can remember when this bush was nothing but
leafless sticks covered in snow)

Door, out to the street, standing inside portico.

View from front door

This was before the Italian Cyprus purchase...
I wanted something that would last and something to fill up A LOT of space.

For more on making a grand entrance, check out this link to peardownliving

So what do you think?
Tell me about how YOU create curb appeal...a welcoming first impression.
Send pictures!

As always, thanks for visiting...


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  2. Hey Wendy - love the pics and this topic. I would love to send pics of my porch entry. I am working on it bits and pieces - I will try to take some pics tomorrow and share. Keep up the great posts!

  3. Lori,
    Would love to see your photos if you are still game for sending them.