December 17, 2010

An Anniversary Tradition

It started in 1993.
It was our one year wedding anniversary.

I was happy, in love and giddy that
I was a Mrs. for one full year already.

Unbeknownst to me,
Mr. Brookes would start a tradition
that would last our marriage and fill our Christmas tree
with sparkle, class and sentiment.

He gave me a dated Waterford Chrystal Ornament on our
first year anniversary and has every year since.

This is the very ornament he gave to me
that first year as a married couple.
If you look closely above you can see the
etched date: 1993.

Each year he picks out another.
Always has a date on it.

He told me way back when,
"Hon, and when we've been married 25 years,
we can have a tree with just our anniversary ornaments."


I still am amazed my guy thought of this very
meaningful gift giving idea.

Love it.

Who's a lucky girl?


Here are just a few more.

This was the year we became and mom and a dad.
How fitting...

Too bad that the beautiful ornament he gave me this year,
you know, just 3 days ago, shattered into a kazillion pieces 5 minutes after
I put it on the tree front and center.

I'm just sick.

Headed to Macy's for another and perhaps a sob story.

Thank you for letting me share my little anniversary tradition with you.

Tell me what traditions you have in your marriage that have
lasted over time...

And as always,

for visiting.


  1. A great tradition! Sorry to hear about the broken ornament, good idea to just quick buy over!

  2. Wendy, did you get your new ornament? I hope so, can't be missing a year on your tree! Love this tradition.

  3. H,
    Yes, indeed I did get another 2010 ornament. Thank goodness they still had it in stock. Stuck it right dab in the middle of the tree. All is well.

  4. This is so sweet.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad to have you and will be returning the favor for sure!

  5. Brandie,
    thanks for visiting. Glad you enjoyed.