December 1, 2010

Hand Made White Twill Stockings

This year I decided to revamp
my Christmas Stockings a bit.

Let me explain how I got there.

I was tired of the old ones made about 9 years ago.
You see,
the three fabrics I used for the guys below I had
also made an ottoman cover.
That cover is long gone, but lo and behold, I was still using
the "matching" stockings year after year.

Not any more, I said.

If you noticed I'm slightly partial to the
white twill slip-covered "look",
That is correct.
All of my upholstered furnishings in my house is slip covered
with my tried and true, white twill.
Can you see the theme here?

So I went down to my trusty fabric go-to store.
$4.67 a yard
2 yards later...

All the trimmings,
some of which I used, some not so much.

I love using the white twill because I can cheat and use
the ready-made white piping to go with.
Let's call that our little secret...

I also bought some thick ready-made 3-inch white ruffle by the yard.
One yard to be exact.

I rummaged through my craft drawers and found
anything white I could
use to add to these bad boys.
I put it all in a pile and went to town.

I wish I could post the pattern I used.
Sorry, no pattern.
I'm a wing-it girl.

I went in blind.
All in knew, is that
I wanted three white-on-white stockings.
I also wanted them all a different.

Stocking #1:
Let's call this the Tatum
I started simply sewing layers of ruffle.

I added a little ball fringe for a more pizazz.

Still more pizzaz.
Looking good.
Let's go on to our next selection...

Stocking #2:
We'll call this the Madison.
I was dying to incorporate some rosettes.
I found out how to make these DIY Rosettes on this website


I thought just the rosettes left my stocking a bit plain.
Needed to jazz it up.

I found an old fabric wine bag.
Cut the seams apart and sewed it on top of my panel for
some much needed shimmer shimmer.
Now it was ready for the rosettes.
Must better.

I also added a bit of piping between my top panel and body of the stocking.
Sorry about the relaxed directions...
Again, I'm a wing-it girl.

Stocking #3:
Of course,
this one is called the Tess.

Used the same ready-made ribbon,
although this time I sewed it upside down, in layers.

At first just two layers...
then a third...
and a ribbon
(Leftover tie from a gift wrapped
package from Anthropologie)

I'm liking the progress.
All they needed at this point was the back panel


The Tatum

The Madison

The Tess

I hung a Restoration Lettered monogram over each stocking.
You know I love me a good monogram.

I think I surprised myself.
They came out better than I originally imagined.
Not bad for some scraps in my fabric bin,
some cheap Walmart fabric
and one day at my machine with a lot of Christmas music
to keep me company.

Which is your favorite?

As always,

for visiting.


  1. Love them all! I especially like the rosettes! I'm starting to feel the Christmas spirit! Thanks!

  2. Very cute. I love the added decorative touches.

  3. Thanks, guys. I've got one more to add...called the grag. Post to come...

  4. I love the Tatum and great idea with the letters! x