December 2, 2010

I Couldn't Forget The Grag...One More Stocking.

I knew I had just one more to make.

I couldn't forget The Grag.

You see, a very special person will be
joining us this Christmas morning.

You'll see more on her later...promise.

Here is another version of the
Hand Made White Twill Stocking.

Again, this one is called
The Grag

This one is not as elaborate as the previous three,
but just as adore.
Only one simple ruffle
and two little rosettes.

It didn't take long.
It is a bit smaller than the others.

It's perfectly simple and elegant,
just like the gal that it will be filled for.

Here's another look.

Who doesn't love crisp, clean, white cotton?

What do you think of The Grag?
I like it, too.

As always,

for visiting.

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