December 9, 2010

The Last Four Days...

Gal Pals

Sorry gang.
No posts.
I know.
And I probably wouldn't change a thing, though.
You see....

I was off with my home town gal pals.
You remember the gals I talked about a bit ago.
These gals.

I'm not going to talk about how I feel now
that they are gone.
I won't be sad.

I'm only going to highlight the fun we had,
the traditions we started and the
luck we have knowing each other.

Here we are.
I can hardly stand it.
I have my fav peeps on my own turf.

We did a lot of this.
That's right.
Laughing till our sides hurt.

I think this is one of my favorite shots.
Would you look at Heath's face?

I'm telling you...we did a lot of those hearty gut laughs.
It felt great.
I even considered it my ab workout for the day.

Miss Corine did the girls hair for the
chorus production.

This was their "thank you" picture
for the A+ job she did with the curling iron.

Did I mention that Corine and Heath made all 5 dozen cookies
for my upcoming book club cookie exchange?

They are the best

We surfed our favorite blogs,
websites and
Facebook friends.

Aunt Heathie was the crafting queen

Madison was in heaven.

We went on a 5 hour shopping spree
and shopped til we dropped.
I think the store clerk at the Nordstrom Shoe Department
is still wondering who we were and why
we were laughing so much.
Just good company, lady.

Matching Eddie Bauer First Ascent 365 Down-light Sweaters?

Why yes...they are.

And thank you Alex at Eddie Bauer for letting
us talk you into an on-the-spot 30 percent off discount.
Vera, you too, did a great job closing the deal.

New Girl-Outing Tradition:
buy matching coats/jackets

Scary but Corine and I bought matching coats one year ago...
do you see the trend here?
Now we are calling it our new tradition.

Thanks, Heath, for the Eddie Bauer heads up.

This is us at
Old Ebbett Grill
Downtown DC
Oldest restaurant in DC proper

Do you not love the wood paneling?
It's everywhere!

This day was chilly willy.
We parked.
Then ran to our restaurant.
Poor Corine didn't think she needed her
coat, "I have a big sweater on..."
Oh, Cali girl. Let me show you the ways.

We managed not to get frost bite.

We did everything I said we'd do:
1. We ate well...very well.
Thanks Corine, for your generosity and treating us to not one but two
fantastic lunches out!
You are the best!

2. We enjoyed the beverage...
but only at night, no driving and in jams.

3. We definitely laughed hearty...
all four days straight.

I don't have sisters but I think if I did it would feel a lot like this.
It was such a joy to watch my daughters have three mothers.
I loved showing my girls what good friends look like.
Heather with her vacuum.
Corine with her curling iron.

I loved every second of my girl time.
I even think my hubby was a little bummed he missed most of the action.
Darn that work schedule.

I am already looking on the calendar for our next visit.
I love you, ladies.

You raise my bar.
You show me understanding and love.
It is so normal and natural having you in my home.

Thanks for making the trip out.

Tell me about your best buds and how you do girl time.

As always,

for visiting.

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