March 28, 2011

Emergency Room Weekend: Operation Pain Management

For all of those out there
who have issues with sitting in the dentists chair,
this one is for you.

After a long, painful, torturish weekend
(yes, it did include one trip to ER for high end pain killers,
which didn't really work like I thought)

Went in for an

Root Canal

this morning.

Thank goodness for the friends I have
who offered to drive me
who called to check in on my pain level
who brought dinner over for my family
who texted me when they couldn't be there
who celeberated with me when it was over and said "You did it!"

These are the people who make me rich.

I think about these people as I skip around
knowing that I just walked through
one of my biggest fears on earth.

I conquered a fear today dating back as long as I knew what "root canal" meant.
All in all, wasn't bad.
I did get some good advice prior.
"See a respected endodontist...they are the specialists."

Dr. Nick,
you were right.
Thanks for the phone call.

I'm taking a nap now.
But wanted to share with you my riches.

Let me know if you need the name of a good
endodontist in the DC area.
My guy's the best!

That was my Monday.
How was yours?


  1. Yay Wendy, so glad that's over!!!

  2. I could cry just thinking about it. My emergency root canal was the most painful thing ever! I would give birth any day over going through that again. So glad you survived.

  3. Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know! Glad someone was paying attention and helped you out. Sorry you had to go through that. :-(