March 1, 2011

Guest Posting Today...Strictly Simple Style


Today is a great day.

You see,
I was asked by Karen
over at

Strictly Simple Style
-style for your home without the price tag-

about my
"Favorite Space"



After I got done pinching myself,
I got to work.

Please head over and check it out!


Strictly Simple Style
My Favorite Space With Simply Brookes

I know you will enjoy her as
much as I do.


  1. Way to go Wendy. It is so cool to see you posting on other blogs. I love it! Good choice on your fave room too.

  2. Awesome Wendy! Congrats!
    love from,

  3. Hi Wendy!! I am coming from Karen's blog and I just did a little perusing on your blog. Loved what I saw, You are a doll with a darling personality. We have a couple of things in common. Love of black and white stripes and I have a similar haircut!!! love your Wardrobe Wednesdays too. It will be fun to follow along your journey. Lucky you to be moving to North Carolina, I love it there and spent a week last summer at a beach house there, so pretty!! You are going to love it!!! I have a friend in real estate in Jackson if you need a realtor!! Happy Tuesday, KS

  4. congratulations!

    and you've inspired me. have this great chaise in connecticut []. think that needs make its way here. yes?

  5. Love your house on Karen's site. It's so warm and welcoming. I just moved to San Diego! Love the weather but I would love to live in DC and visit all the historical sites and soak in the architecture!