March 21, 2011


I guess there is a reason
people let out huge sighs when
referring to their teenagers.

The Brookes fam
now have three of them.


Team Estrogen
in full effect.

Can you say
Roller Coaster?

I'm definitely smart enough to
realize that there are plenty
of families out there
who have done this before me.

And made it through
to tell the tale.

I'm talking to YOU.

Looking for tips,
cool stories
or just stories
to help the masses
(like me)
gain knowledge
and expertise
during this really fun stage
of parenting.

Start dishing...

So far I know
this to be true about my
three teenagers:

1. They like to be told
you are proud of them.

2. They like when mom and dad
think they are responsible
and put them
in positions to show this off.

3. They like
firm, safe boundaries

(even though they act like they don't)

4. They are still little kids inside growing bodies.

I know I've got good girls.
Just want to keep it that way
and do this right.

A book I picked up
that I'm learning good stuff from is:

Five Love Languages of Teenagers
Gary Chapman

Look for another post
clarifying all the good stuff
I learned from this book.
Stay tuned...

Please press my comment button
to lend your thoughts,
share your experience
or just chime in.

The best resource out there are peeps like YOU.


  1. I have nothing to add but lots to learn. Can't wait to see what your readers have to say!!!

  2. I think some of being a good parent to teenagers is being a good listener. Don't be too quick to give your own opinion on things but rather gather their perspective, often their perspective is closer to your own then you might think...if not, a nudge in the form of a question to get them thinking about it from a different perspective. Don't get me wrong if they are really off track I see no problem with being clear with what your opinion is as a parent.

    I also think it is important to let kids make some mistakes and hopefully they will learn from them.

    My goal for my kids....happy, kind, independent and responsible people :)

  3. Well, I am still a ways away from this, but I am ready to start learning now. And, that picture of your little girls is adorable!
    Love from,

  4. On January 21st of 2010 a classmate of my daughter's was struck and killed by a car while crossing the street to catch her school bus. She'd only been 15 for a month. Every time I my own 16 year olddaughter is sulking or talks back I try to think of that young lady's mom and how she'd give anything to be in my shoes. Then I tell my daughter that I love her and why her behavior won't get her ahead in life. That, to me, teaches her that while I love her, I care enough to tell her when she's wrong. (Hope I didn't depress you, but thinking of that beautiful child and her family puts things in perspective for me.)

  5. I have four girls and one boy, it is ALWAYS an adventure!

  6. It's a tough job, and can be painful, but you can do it, because you have a good attitude. Keep a sense of humor, tell them you love them ( I know you always tell them that) again and again. It will pass by before you know it and they will be off to college with a new set of experiences in front of them. They are great kids and even though they will test you, they will always be great. Love, Grams

  7. I don't have any teen parenting advice for you, but I have to say that picture is absolutely beautiful!