March 11, 2011

Friday Eye Candy: Black Flooring

decor pad

Do we not
Black flooring?

I do realize
I love a neutral palette
especially blacks and whites
which makes me very partial
to this look.

Just had to drool
over black flooring for a day...
or so.

Happy Weekend, peeps.

Decor pad
Throw in a little zebra,
and forget about it.

apartment therapy

Are you a fan?


  1. Oh, yes I do love black floors, especially with white walls. I think it's so stunning. I have a few friends that have them and they say the only downfall is that you see every little bit of dust on them. I still want them anyway! FYI, added you to my blogroll. Happy Weekend!

  2. LOVE the look, but not the maintenance. If I had a better live in cleaning lady I would have these in my whole house. Our cleaning lady is lazy, that would be me! I have an almost black, very dark brown concrete floor in my living room and it shows everything just like Marianne said. I added a lighter glaze over the top to help alleviate the problem. A little lighter equals less cleaning.

  3. i agree with shannon. the look is nice... in a magazine. but i would never do that in my own home.

  4. I love the look and love the 3 photo in your inspirations. Gorgeous. Have a great weekend.

  5. Love all the photos but esp those with a touch of green, perfect in my book!

  6. That is so gorgeous. I would almost put up with more cleaning just to have that floor. Very elegant.


  7. Love! If I had it to do over I would have gone with ebonized wood floors throughout my first floor.

  8. love the first image, i want a black floor now lol x

  9. Can someone reply what and where to get these black black black floors... My wife and I are delayed on our home bc it is impossible to find here!


    1. anonymous, i wish i knew where to order these floors. i would start with flooring specialty stores. have you tried home depot? i am not sure if these are a specific type of wood or simply a dark dark stain. sorry i couldn't be more help.
      good luck with your gorgeous black floors. i know they'll look divine.