May 17, 2011

DC Cupcakes--Georgetown

Sorry about my MIA
status as of late.
Enjoying time with grag to the fullest

(oh, state cup soccer and track districts
may also have a tad to do with this...)

I digress.
So yesterday we had a gal-pal day
in the beautiful Georgetown.

We toured the university.
In awe of the history.

Founded in 1789,
this is the oldest catholic
university in the United States.

Such an amazing campus to walk through.

At the steps of the
massive church.
Quite a sight.

First the campus...
then the town.

Stop one:
Georgetown Cupcakes

(you may recall the
TLC show,
DC Cupcakes.
same peeps)

Grag is so excited.
Look at that face.
The menu varies day to day.
This is the Monday Menu.

Christine took proof photos
for my girls.
I had a feeling they were going to be
green with envy.

Don't worry.
We brought home a little
sample box.

I went total-tourist
with camera in hand
snapping away.

I know.

These poor kids didn't know what hit them.
But they smiled anyway.

We had the most wonderful day
strolling the streets.
Only one criticism:
so not enough time.

We must go back.

Please tell me of your
gal-pal adventures exploring
new territories
and eating your way through.


  1. just decided i want to work at georgetown cupcake...

  2. ooh I want to go to that cupcake store! Maybe in June?

  3. That looks like so much fun! I can't wait to make my way to the East Coast some day and do some exploring.
    And by the way, never EVER apologize for having camera in hand and snapping away. Not tourist--blogger and chronicler of life. Be proud!
    Love from,

  4. Georgetown is awesome! We (my mom's and I... my mom and my mother in law) did a walking tour and it was really fun! I missed the cupcakes so it looks like I will have to go back, they look fantastic!