May 31, 2011

Welcome Tory Burch

had to take grag back to the airport
after a full month of unadulterated
pure estrogen fun.

not sad.
we had a whole month.

this is one of those
unforgettable outings
i am still smiling about.

went into one of our local malls
only to stumble upon
the grand smack opening of...
that's right,

what for it....

Tory Burch

you remember this post?

never did i think i'd
be strolling her new digs
and checking her stuff out
not through the screen of my computer.

oh glory be.

can you say
"jack pot?"

thank goodness for my trusty
iphone camera.

throw in a little

look at all this eye candy...

that's right.

and special
tory burch cookies.

this handsome gent
was offering the goodies
for the taking...

we enjoyed both.

i snapped shots of
the products,
the furnishings,
even the throw rug.

coudldn't get enough.

this is us,

maybe i can check out
the sale rack?

tell me of your favorite shop
to stroll?

1 comment:

  1. Looks fun! Drink a glass for me. Great to chat with you today on my way to the beach.