May 16, 2011

virginia beach state cup soccer

Sometimes our crazy
sports-filled life leads us
on unexpected
adventure and travel.

The girls play on
a soccer team
lucky enough to have
landed in the quarterfinals
of virginia state cup soccer.

Whoo hoo.

What exactly does that mean?

Virginia Beach for the night...

this is the beach cottage we stayed.

Hubs suggested we reserve one
of these 3-bedroom bad boys
right smack dab on the beach.

One of the many perks of being a military family...
prime beach front real estate
owned and operated by the US military
available to miltary families.

Another whoo hoo.

We couldn't believe this
place was all ours to enjoy...
for the next 19 hours.

If only we could have stayed a week.

Grag and I needed proof
we were actually on the balcony
overlooking Mr. Atlantic Ocean.

a lovely pathway lead us
to an early morning beach walk

Don't tell coach,
this is what we do before a big game.
Play in the sand!

Mr. Man even made a surprise late night
visit to see the girls in action.

oh so official.

Hadn't seen this little lady for 10 years.
A local, she made the drive to the
sports center for a quick girl gab session.
Just like not a day gone by
as we chatted it up
on the side lines.
Love you, Larry.

Are we the luckiest ever?
another family from our SD days
now, VB locals,
made the trek out to the sports center
to reconnect.

We so felt the love.

As many of you sports families know,
this is the stuff life is made out of.

I hope the girls always think fondly
of all those practices and coo coo schedules.

It pays off.

Would love any stories you might have
of your family sports adventures.


  1. I don't think you could have pried me away from the beach cottage to go to the game ;)

  2. It seems all our excursions these days are sports related. Fun family memories!

  3. Good luck and have fun!!! :)

  4. Love it!! What we do for our kids and their events!! I love these days!! So glad you all were together for this.

  5. Our family sport adventure took us from Melbourne, Australia to Orlando, Florida to watch our daughter India compete in the Australian team at the World Championships for cheerleading. That was wonderful enough but after the event we went to Mississippi to reconnect with much loved friends from our days spent living in the States on exchange with the USAF. We too walked in the door and started talking and laughing like we had just seen each other yesterday, not 12 years ago! Military friends are the best!!
    I really enjoy your blog!

  6. My family has been involved in soccer since I can remember. My brother still plays and his boys are now playing too. Great sport! I really hope my daughter likes soccer one day. Thanks for stopping by today.


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