May 18, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: Red Lips

let me first prepare you
for the lipstick
in the following photos.


here's the story:

went for a hair trim,
and 3 inches later
came home with
a hair cut.

needless to say,
slapped on some
red lipstick
in hopes to distract
my audience.

hence, the red lips.

trying to bring out
my inner

ai, ai, ai.

'project red lips'

Denim: Gap, Sweater: H&M,
Stripped Shirt: Targie

tell me how you
recover from
hair cut, gone wrong...

would love to know.


  1. You are silly, it's super cute! Totally not gone wrong. Just tuck it behind your ears, consider the things upcoming on the schedule for the week, and soon you will have forgotten about the cut until it's grown out more to your liking :) But I think it's a winner!

  2. Awe Wendy it looks adorable...need I say more?

  3. Victoria Beckham eat your heart out. I love your short doo! Sassy and Sexy! Work it girl. I have learned to NEVER let my hairdresser cut my hair when she's sick. Feeling bad equals bad hair cut, but yours looks great.

  4. Red lips... nice! Hair cut... adorable! You look fabulous, and I saw you in person without the red lips :)

  5. I don't see a problem with one strand on your head. It looks great. No need to distract. :)

  6. It looks like a nice red, not the scary bright red that I have seen lately and the hair looks crisp, snappy and fun.