October 10, 2011

guilty pleasure...anyone with me?

i can't help it.
i'll blame it on my three teens.

they make me watch it.


who am i kidding.
love every drama filled second.

who's with me?
did you watch last night?

come on...
let's dish.

all i will say.

love humphries.
so not crazy about
how khloe is
welcoming him into the

no room to talk, khlo.

anyone else out there agree?
part 2 tonight.
set your dvr now.

i did warn you.

 reality tv is my weakness.


  1. The only good thing about sick days is reality tv! LOL

  2. We were just talking about Kardashians last night...not sure what the fascination is with them. I just can't get on board but I know alot of people really like to see what they are up to. Enjoy your reality tv tonight miss ya!

  3. That guy should run as fast as he can away from that family!!! Get out now, oh yeah it's too late, I think they're already married? Well get out now before she gets pregnant.

  4. I like reality TV but not the Kardashians. I'm more a Survivor, Biggest Loser and Amazing Race kind of girl.

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