October 31, 2011

pumpking carving tradition... oh and happy halloween.

where does the time go,
i ask?

the girls

 one of the many 
driveway pumpkin carving 
ala the brookes fam

 this was always hubs gig

in keeping with tradition,
knew we had to continue the trend.
threw out a few invites to the local peeps
and low and behold, 
they showed up.
i know you've heard a lot about
how great i think our neighborhood is.
well, they did not disappoint

we had 7 families
with a total of 14 kids.
it truly was a great time
had by all.

 tons of food,
not to  mention a humungo pot of chili,
rice, fritos and all the fixin's. 
now that's fine american cuisine.
 hot cider and mint hot chocolate.
ooh and the desserts.
forget about it.

hard to believe,
5 of the 7 women here
have husbands over seas doing big strong military 
stuff for our country.
i know.
talk about fellow women with 
understanding and support.
i've got it all.

and here we have our one and only husband 
representing his kind.
you did a great job as the only one with all the guy duties.
my garage is spotless thanks to you.
erin, thanks for sharing him.
he's a keeper, this one.

 honored to stand among 
this crowd.

 final pumpkin products

the artists behind them

all in all great night.
but i have to say,
when i recapped with the girls,
all three said fave part was playing 
 team man hunt
in the hood, 
hands down.
 love it.

same time next year?
who's in?

tell me about your halloween traditions.

as always,


  1. This post made me teary. What a blessing you've been given by having such a great community around you.
    And the pumpkins look great!
    Love from,

  2. How much fun! Glad you found such a great group of friends. I had a feeling you might end up liking your new hood better. Nova can be a little strange.

    <3 Heath