October 26, 2011

i didn't know i needed you so badly

i love you, new iphone

not the most techie person around.
perhaps i can hold my own,
but definitely not the
'have to have the latest' 
kind of girl.

my girls were teasing me about 
my slow as molasses
hip and happening 
iphone 3g 
(all of 8g by the way)

so after 2 1/2 years 
one free upgrade i decided it was time.

can you say,
know your socks off?
lightening speedy?
and i haven't even met siri yet, 
but i know i'll love her.

just so happy in iphone land right now.

do you have one? 
do tell.

as always,


  1. My husband has siri on his new phone and I'm so jealous!! She is amazing; we love asking her random questions because her responses are so funny. Plus she's super helpful! Enjoy your new phone!

  2. Ha! My BB recently bit the dust. So I am now a convert. Loving my new iPhone!!

  3. No, I just bought a new Evo but now that Sprint sells them I will finally be able to get one some day. Mr. Jones says siri is unbelievable. I <3 smart phones. Worth.every.penny.