April 9, 2010

Cherry Blossoms in the Capitol 2010

Love that picture.

As we spent our first spring in DC we knew we had to check out the
Cherry Blossoms along the Tidal Basin.

Not only did the full blooming completely coincide with grandma's visit, but we decided to go on a day that was a bit overcast to avoid the bigger crowds during sunny days.

It's sounds so corny, but spring is truly miraculous around here.

In between the columns at the Jefferson Memorial,
overlooking the water and the trees.


My Little Motley Crew

Believe it or not, no one asked them to pose like that.

The wind made the water quite choppy, but what a view!

Yeah for spring!
(This pose might be our new tradition...look for it)

As you can tell our California blood wasn't used to this...

That's gra gra taking it all in...

This is truly a sight to see.
Funny how people will plan and travel from all ends of the earth
to see the cherry blossoms bloom in the District.

Here grandma comes to hang out for a couple weeks while the girls are off
and lands right in the middle of peak season.

Life is so good.

Hope you the photos give you a peak into a DC Spring.

We are so enjoying each season here.
And as always, thanks for visiting.

*Clearly a professional did NOT take these photos. Bare with me, gang.

Feel free to critique, comment or question as you see fit...


  1. Beautiful photos! Are most of the cherry blossoms there white? Any pink ones? Looks like a great outing with the family.

  2. Heath, Near the Tidal Basin most of the cherry blossoms looked white (time of bloom?) but there are plenty of pink ones throughout the city and in neighborhoods (including mine). They are simply lovely trees.

  3. HI Wendy,

    One question, when will you be done scrapbooking these photos? And please tell me, you're still scrapbooking.

    Chat soon,

  4. Lisa, you are looking at the scrapbook. It's the new and improved kind.

    I wish I were current. I've only really kept up to date on the girls school days. Otherwise, very behind.

    Tell me you are caught up. Let me live through you.


  5. Oh I hope to make it there at cherry blossom time some day. How wonderful that you were all there together for your first spring in DC. What precious memories!