April 26, 2010

Spolight Artist...

I'd like to introduce a guest spot
for today's post


You may recognize that Pat and I share the same last name.

This happens to be the same woman who brought my dear husband into the world.
(Thanks for a great guy, by the way, Pat.)

Not that you might think I'm trying to get in good with my mother-in-law,
just wanted to share the wealth of her artistry.

Pat lives in Langley, Washington with her adorable husband, Ted.
They have been married for an impressive 48 years.

They enjoy a life of gardening, hiking and sharing the beauty of Whidbey Island together.

Here are a few of Pat's paintings that are my personal favorites:

Building F

I love the way the light casts shadows under the eaves.

Kruckenberg Tree

Love the shades of green that blend together.

Pat was nice enough to paint a very personal painting of my daughter
Madison which she will always treasure.
How special to have a Grammie with such talent!

Feel free to check out more of Pat's art on her website, PatBrookes.com.
Thanks for letting me brag about our Grammie!

As always, thanks for visiting.


  1. What a wonderful treasure and keepsake for your daughter. Heirlooms from Grandmas are truly wonderful. Beautiful paintings. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice post Wendy! Love the paintings you highlighted.

  3. Grammie and Pop pop just hung out with us for about a week here in DC...another score. She painted and left for us a watercolor of the view from our balcony (love it) and also left a few of our dog, lounging around. He's a beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer so the colors and shades are great. Thanks, Grammie.