April 27, 2010

Stylist in Training...

My daughter called me into her room.
"Look at my rooms, Mom!" she says.

This is when I realized I had a little stylist on my hands.
Check out her mini room "looks"

*Pay mind to the outfits that coordinate with the decor.
Love my girl.

You know I LOVE green

This is the Master Bedroom

The "pillows" are an old package tie from Anthropologie

This is the Nursery
(again, notice the blue and yellow color theme...love it!)

Here we have the little girl's room

Love the set up...guitar and shades.
Rock star in the making!

Hello doggie.
The Teen Room

Love the bags hanging up ready for the next outfit change.

Rockin' to some tunes...

More bags...

Outfit for tomorrow...

"Here is my shoe!"

Love the book ends.

So that is the end of the tour. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

Okay, slightly corny but I love this stuff.
I will save these shots and pull them out as she decorates for her first place.
(She may not be thrilled that I posted this for all to see...
after a bit of convincing, she obliged)

As always thanks for visiting.


  1. Very fun!! I am guessing this was Madison!?

  2. Good guess, but it was Tatum actually. She has always been into Barbs, while Madison has always loved playing babies and kitchen.

    Funny stuff. Glad you came to visit.

  3. Awesome!! She is very talented!