April 16, 2010

Evolution of A Family Room

You've seen the posts.

You've already watched the transformation...

Let me back it up.
As you know, we moved into the DC area just before the holidays.
Slowly but surely we've been putting together a home.

Here is the evolution of our family room:

Remember this one?
The 21-inch ten year old TV
placed ever so decoratively atop our outdoor garden urn
just underneath the flat screen mount

Yes...a work in progress, for sure.

Try not to copy this look.

That coffee table was purchased probably 15 years ago,
been painted countless times,
until this final move did it in.
It had to go...

Two new glass cubes, also known as our new coffee table.
Opens up the space, don't you think?
Shows off my favorite zebra rug

Oh, and did you notice our family upgraded the TV?
Welcome to 2010!

Yes, I see the wires hanging down...working on that one.

a new media stand to hide the mounting pile of wires,
house the cable box and
finish off the room.

Only one wire to figure out...
Still working on that one.

My dad is coming out soon...he'll know how to hide it.
Stay tuned...

So that is the final product.
I have to say I'm happy with the outcome.
It's comfortable, family friendly, not too stuffy
and it works!

What do think? Tell me about YOUR family room,
the room we all spend the most time in.

As always, thanks for visiting.

Comments welcome, enjoyed, read and reread.

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