March 15, 2010

Favorite Freebie...Love Your Moms

Love your mom.
Plain and simple.
Show your kids how to do this.

There are so many returns on this, I can't even begin.

It is free.
You will get back a million times what you put in...and then some.

This is MY beautiful mom
(Not bad for a senior citizen, eh?)

This is my mom with my family on our family trip to the happiest place on earth.
It wouldn't be the same without her to enjoy it with.
(Okay, maybe everyone doesn't take their moms with them on family vacations.
That's okay,too.)

I love my mom and try to show my kids that respect of a parent.
I'm lucky...I get that back a kazillion times over.
I already feel the tradition has caught on.
My kids take great care of me
(even when I embarrass them in front of their friends).

I am so lucky to have been blessed with the most positive, caring, loving
and well meaning mother in the world.

Here are some ways (another list) we show our love to grandma:

I call her every day

I cook her meals to thank her for all the meals she has made me

I am honest with her
(even when it might not be pretty)

I tell her I love her each opportunity I get

I say sorry when I should

I hold her hand

I respect her privacy

I send Facebook messages to her
(yes, she is my FB friend)

I play scrabble with her

I try to be a bragger not a nagger

I pray with her

I thank my mom for who she is

I not only love my mom, but I like her.

She let's me know every single day
she believes in me and is my biggest fan.

I want to be that kind of mom to my own children.

It is free.
It comes back to you.

It may be easier at times than others, but it is still a good thing.

Love your mom.

Please share with me the ways YOU show your family how you love YOUR mom.

(I love this stuff...)


  1. Wendy, this totally made me cry. You are a sweet, sweet daughter and obviously learned that from your mom.
    I feel like I need to be a much better daughter.
    I, too, call my mom nearly every day. Or Facebook. If a couple of days have gone past without us speaking, it feels like something is missing.
    One of her favorite things I do is write her notes, cards and letters. I think she saves most of them.
    And one of the things I love most about my mom is that she has always believed in me. She is my number one fan and I know she is always on my team. It makes it easy to believe in myself knowing that she has been all along.
    Thanks for the great reminder and great post!

  2. You were right! I do love this! I am going to call my mom right now!!!!

  3. My Mom has passed away. I am lucky because she was with us until my late 50's. If you are blessed to have a wonderful relationship with your Mom with all it's ups and downs (let's be real) and it still thrives with love and understanding you are indeed given a gift. I miss my Mom every day and my life hasn't been the same since she went to heaven and never will be. Her unconditional love, understanding and lack of criticism had been a safe haven for me all my life...being with her made me feel truly happy and loved. I took care of her until her very last breath. I will carry her in my heart until my last breath. Life does go on but it's different. So, if you still have your Mom....LOVE , cherish and respect her. They do so much and ask nothing in return.

  4. Thank you ladies, for your stories. Jackie, your take on this is touching. No, it's not always easy, but it's good. I'm lucky my mom is so forgiving and is so very unconditional, that no matter how many times I fail her she still loves me no matter what. She so gave me my wings. She's not allowed to go to heaven.