November 29, 2010

I Can't Wait...

I'm so excited.

I must share my good news.

Not only did I find out that
one of my oldest and dearest friends is
coming for a quick visit,


to top it off
my dear, sister-in-law
(after some slight finagling)
is going to piggy back and join us in that visit!

Let me explain what
these two gals mean to me:

Corine is one of my original life-long friends.
She is the one that knew me when I was still yet to wear make up.
She is the one that knew me when I was listening to
The Theme From Greatest American Hero
(Believe It or Not)

Corine moved into my neighborhood when we were both in 7th grade.
This is was just the beginning.

Here we are in 9th grade.

Do you like the matching sweaters around our necks?
How about the bangs?

Here we are in 9th grade again.
We both did tall flags for our Junior High.
That is when our school was called Junior High,
not Middle School.

We were at the Bonita Fest when they still had a parade.
Go Bonita Crusaders.
Are their colors even Black and Orange still?

Fast forward 3 years.
12th grade graduation

How's that for 80's big hair?

The Navy moved me far away from San Diego.
Here we are at one of my visits back home.

We didn't even plan the denim duo.

20 year High School Reunion

That is my dear friend Corine.

Now, let me tell you about Heather.
Heather is someone I could not live without,
another life-long friend.

I talk to Heather daily...
no matter the miles or time zone.

We have talked each other off many ledges over the years.

I love her dearly and am SO happy she is not only my friend,
but family.

You see...

Heath is the one that connected me with my (then, future) husband.

Here we are, circa 1995, in the back room
while we worked at Hot Dog on a Stick
(I only had a crush on her brother at this point)

One decade later,
on one of her many trips to visit.
Heath helps celebrate Michael's 40th.

Heath's High School Reunion
I was her "date"

Corine, Heather and I go way back.

I'm so excited I get BOTH these
great gals all to myself for a much needed

Here is a list of things we plan on doing:

1. Eating Well
2. Drinking Wine while eating well
3. Talk about the latest and greatest
4. Laugh heartily
5. Enjoy the comforts only found with those life long friends.

There is nothing like it.
You can't buy it.
You can't plan for it.
Life long friends just happen.

I am rich in friendship,
rich beyond words...

Can't wait to see you both.
Love you, ladies!

Tell me about one of your lifelong friends...

As always,

for visiting.


  1. Wendy, thanks for the lovely blog post. Of course, I too am so excited to see you all on the East Coast. Chat and craft with my nieces, hang out with you, getted skunked in games with Michael and continously laugh with Corine! It will be a riotous time. Thanks for inviting me and pushing me to join. I won't regret a moment.
    love !

  2. Thanks, H. I wouldn't be half the woman I am today without your influence and counsel.
    Love you like a sissy, girl.

  3. Tears anyone? Thank you Wendy. Where on earth did you get those photos? Too funny. Heath can't wait to see you! We're gonna have some good laughs, that's for sure. Can't wait!
    Love you guys!

  4. Seeing those photo's brought back memories. Of course Corine and I shared the same home room as Pettit and Percival were alphabetically near one another. You will have such a wonderful time together. Nothing beat the "old" friend that knew you when....
    Cyndi Pettit Kennedy

  5. Cyndi, ain't that the truth..."old" friends are the best. Thanks for your comment.